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Men's Sunglasses

Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses for men are a growing market which a lot of brands have discovered. Earlier sunglasses were mainly for women and only a few brands made sunglasses for men. Women are still the largest market, but sunglasses for men are growing year after year and the selection of styles and brands are also growing. In the good old days were Ray-Ban, Police, Oakley and Carrera some of the most famous brands for men. They all started out by designing and producing sunglasses for men only, but today they both make collections for men and women. Ray-Ban made Aviator and Wayfarer, Carrera made retro models, Oakley made sport models and Police made raw Italian design sunglasses. But the time has changed and today brands like Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, Nike and more has a large collection for men. They all have seen large potential in sunglasses for men.

Raw design for men

Men’s sunglasses are rawer and more masculine than women’s and they mainly have a sharper frame. It is an easy way to get a raw look which Oakley for example has huge success with. Also round sunglasses are popular for men but that is because of the Aviator huge success. At Customfit.eu we have a huge selection of sunglasses for the modern man. You can find all kind of frames, glass-sizes and colours. We offer good discounted prices for the sunglasses in our online outlet. “Sunglasses on sale everyday as we say” So if you need a pair of designer sunglasses for men then check us out. We are 100% sure we have some models that fit you.