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Women's Sunglasses

Sunglasses for Women

Sunglasses have always been a popular accessory for mainly women. We have all seen pictures from “old days” where famous and rich women wear sunglasses, only a few men did. If the man wears a pair it is mostly Ray-Ban, Persol or Carrera sunglasses. Actually women have since the beginning of the 19th century been the target for almost all brands and manufactures in this industry. But it changed in the end of the 90s where men should be cool and look awesome. Old well-known brands started to produce men’s collections and a lot of new brands were founded. But even today women are still the target for the industry and almost all brands design and produce women’s sunglasses.

Design, colour and passion

When we talk about women’s sunglasses there are few things that are important. First of all is the design. Large or medium-large glasses and frames with round shapes are some of the most important things for a famous model. It should follow the trend and have a cool colour. Either the classic colours like black, white, brown or havana. Or more characteristic and kinky colours like violet, red, green or blue. If you combine these parameters with passion for the sunglasses plus a little cool detail on the front or the sides, then you might have a best seller!

Designer sunglasses for women

At Customfit.eu we have a large selection of designer sunglasses for women. We have sports, fashion and designer sunglasses from a lot of different brands. We have them in all kind of shapes, colours and designs. So there are many models that will fit you well. Do you want oversized, retro, polarized, round, square, aviator or wayfarer sunglasses or something else; check all styles and brands out today! We guarantee you will not be disappointed and the prices are discounted.